Active Bylaws

127-23 2023 Tax Rate Bylaw

126-23 Fees & Charges Bylaw

125-23 Land Use Bylaw - Bylaw Portion Only

122-21 Intermunicipal Plan Bylaw - Bylaw Portion Only

121-21 Amendment to Sewage Bylaw

120-21 Fertilizer and Herbicide Bylaw

119-21 Emergency Management Bylaw

118-21 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

117-21 Establish Assessor as a Designated Officer

115-21 Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw

114-21 Establish the Position of CAO

113-21 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw

111-19 Unsightly Premises Bylaw

110-19 Dog Control Bylaw

109-19 Assessment Review Board Bylaw

106-18 Council Code of Conduct

105-18 Public Participation Bylaw

103-17 Noise Bylaw

102-17 Dock Bylaw

99-16 Sewage Bylaw

96-14 Landfill Charge

95-14 Amendment of Land Use Bylaw

89-10 To Establish the Position of Assessment Complaints Manager

81-07 Land Use Bylaw

80-06 Repeal the Area Structure Plan

77-05 Records Retention

74-03 Authorize Penalties on Unpaid Taxes

72-02 Regulate the Discharge of Firearms

67-01 Amendment to Bylaw 50, Fees for the Subdivision Authority

65-00 Provide for Appointment of Assessor as a Designated Officer

64-99 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Bylaw

60-98 Athabasca Regional Waste Management Authority

50-95 Establish Fees for the Subdivision Authority

49-95 Establish a Subdivision Authority

48-95 Establish a Development Authority

45-95 Establishing Officers and Other Related Matters

29-89 Regional Ambulance Authority Agreement Bylaw

27-88 Regulate Highway Traffic within the Summer Village

26-88 Regional Sewage Lagoon Agreement Bylaw

23-87 Recreation Board

17-85 Fire Protection (Baptiste Volunteer Fire Brigade)

14-85 Numbering System

12-84 Minister Approval to Adopt a Crest or Coat of Arms

6-83 Summer Village Violations

5-83 Speed Limits

4-83 Reserve Lands as Parks