Tips From FireSmart for Wildfire Preparedness

  • Downloading the FireSmart Begins at Home app and undertaking a structure ignition-zone assessment.
  • Raking and removing pine needles and dry leaves within a minimum of 1.5 metres of a home’s foundation. As time permits, continue up to a 10-metre distance around the home. Dispose of collected debris in appropriate trash receptacles.
  • Cleaning pine needles from roof and gutters.
  • Getting out your measuring tape and seeing how close wood piles are located to the home. If closer than 10 metres, relocating and moving the pile at least 10 metres from structures.
  • Sweeping porches and decks to clear them of leaves and pine needles. Raking under decks, porches, sheds and play structures.
  • Mowing grass to a height of 10 centimetres or less.
  • Removing items stored under decks and porches and relocating them to a storage shed, garage, or basement. Gasoline cans and portable propane tanks should never be stored indoors and should be located away from the home.

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