Summer Village of Island Lake South

Important Things Happening at the Lake
Go to Island Lake Rec Club

Island Lake Rec Club

Please click here for more information on the newly formed Rec Club

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Blog Subscription

All owners are encouraged to go to the bottom of the page and sign up for future updates using the subscription feature. This will allow you to receive up to date information as it is posted including newsletters and emergency situations. Just enter your email and submit, then click on confirm when you get the email. It will ask if you wish to log into wordpress, this is not required. Just close out of that screen and you are subscribed.

Go to Protect the Lakeshore

Protect the Lakeshore

Let’s keep the lakeshore natural and healthy. Please do not disturb the reeds and trees along the lakeshore. This will help to keep our lake beautiful and healthy.

Have a look at the weather before heading to the lake

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